New permit for GPA

GPA received the positive news on November 19, 2020, that its environmental permit will be
indefinitely renewed. This permit is essential for continued business operations.

On February 19, 2021, both our general environmental permit and the additional
permits would expire. Therefore, the permit had to be renewed before this date.

The application consisted of several parts, including:

History of the environmental permits
Equipment list: this list includes all equipment on the site. Examples are steam appliances, electrical equipment, combustion installations, steam vats, etc.
List of hazardous substances
Table of headings: this table includes all activities that are carried out or present at GPA and require a permit. This ranges from the processing capacity of our water treatment plant, to the storage of the various hazardous substances, to having a laboratory and various production capacities.
Given the current and future environmental requirements, the permit application was strictly monitored. During the summer months, we worked hard with external experts to work out the necessary mitigation measures in terms of air emissions. The situation of both the refinery and the terminal was defended to the authorities in order to obtain a full environmental permit for both the refinery and the terminal activities.