The birds at GPA

Employees of Natuurpunt have been on site during the month of June to count the number of birds nesting at GPA.

At the marked locations on the image below, various birds (terns, black-headed gulls, …) have nested.

The area especially foreseen for the colony terns and black-headed gulls is the place to be this year.

Last year only 2 nests were found, while this year it attracts many more!

Spread over the two locations, Natuurpunt counted below numbers of bird nests:

  • Tern: 65 nests
  • Mediterranean gull: 12 nests, inlcuding one with one chick
  • Black-headed gull: 87 nests + 127 chicks which had already left the nest

Natuurpunt sends us a warm thank you for our efforts:

“Excellent results thanks to all your efforts. We as well as the birds can’t thank you enough.”

At a later stage in June, all employees from Natuurpunt will come back to provide the young birds with a registration ring.

Annouck Lescrauwaet

SHEQ Department