Our first concern is the health, well-being and safety of our employees, customers and the communities in which we work.

At GPA we place high value on the following basic principles and expect everyone who collaborates with us to comply with them:


HSE (Health, Safety and the Environment): always our very highest priority

Our highest priority is to guarantee the health and safety of everyone involved in the functioning of our refinery, and we strive for minimum impact on the environment in compliance with the applicable statutory requirements. That is our corporate social responsibility. Our goal is zero incidents on our premises: no injuries, occupational illnesses, production leaks, fires or environmental standards violations. We firmly believe that functioning without serious incidents is possible, provided the requisite preventive efforts are made via the active commitment of all our employees. Energy consumption and energy efficiency are integral to our efforts in the environmental area and are taken into account in the design and purchase of equipment.

Focus on reliability and quality

Proper management of our physical assets throughout their entire life cycle (design, structure, start-up, operation, maintenance, modification, decommissioning, and demolition) ensures us of the high reliability of our installations. Our organisation and activities are geared to delivery of high quality products to our customers, which is only possible if the proper quality is assured internally as well as via correct work implementation in all steps of our processes.

Consistency is our policy

As the first condition we always want to comply with all legal standards and stipulations. In many facets we use stricter guidelines based on good industrial practice or analysis of (near) incidents. Our guidelines are consistently converted into procedures and work instructions in the various departments, with targeted communication with everyone involved. Guidelines are complied with and consistently corrected where necessary.

Continuous improvement

We continuously strive for improvement including safety on our premises, the impact of our processes on health and the environment, the energy efficiency and reliability of our installations, and the quality of our products and work implementation.

We believe that everyone can contribute to continuous improvement of all processes at our company, in which the general interest is always the primary concern. Lean Six Sigma (FLOW) assists us in striving for maximum profitability and operational excellence based on better effectiveness and efficiency.

Gunvor has clear expectations in the area of health, safety, the environment, human rights and society within its corporate governance structure. Our goal is to realise an accident-free work environment: no incidents, no hazard to our personnel and no environmental damage.