Alert for fraud attempt

Gunvor Petroleum Antwerpen nv (GPA) detected that its company name or the name of various employees was fraudulently used to attempt fraud. Allegedly in name of GPA an inquiry was  requested and consequently an order was placed with delivery of the goods to another, to GPA unknown, delivery address. Contact details contain information from GPA employees, however with a wrong email address.

Hence we kindly request that upon reception of any orders from GPA to be very attentive. Be extra vigilant if  purchase orders received, look different than usual, are signed by unknown or unusual persons or show different contact information, another delivery address than the GPA central warehouse at Scheldelaan 490 in Antwerp. In case of doubt, please have the purchase order  checked and confirmed by your regular contact person or by a member of our procurement department.

We cannot accept responsibility for deliveries and/or losses resulting from fraud attempts.

Should you be in contact or have been in contact with these scammers, we kindly ask you to inform us about this.