Who we are

Gunvor Petroleum Antwerpen (GPA) was founded in 1934 in the southern part of the port of Antwerp under the name Redeventza; over the years it has experienced positive development.

Since 1968 GPA has grown to its current status as mid-sized refinery in the northern part of the port of Antwerp near the Berendrecht and Zandvliet locks.

GPA has been a wholly-owned entity of Gunvor Group since 2012, one of the largest physical commodities trading companies in the world. 

Over the years the refinery’s annual capacity has increased from 150,000 tonnes to approximately 4.4 million tonnes per year. This increase was made possible by expansion with new production units and storage tanks.

The total surface area of the GPA site is 1 km², 5ha of which are used for production.

According to European standards, GPA is a mid-sized refinery with respect to oil capacity and refining complexity.

The most important focal point is further optimisation of production and energy consumption to meet the requirements of our society and the ever changing requirements that will be imposed on refineries in the future.

Gunvor Petroleum Antwerp has already put much effort and energy into the area of safety and the environment, thereby demonstrating its readiness for the future!

What we do

A large part of GPA’s production is exported to overseas and neighbouring countries. Another part is distributed via wholesalers, traders and oil companies in the Belgian market by Gunvor Belgium.

Gunvor Petroleum Antwerpen refines crude oil of various types, taking into account a great number of specifications involving yield and processed products such as: fuels for vehicles, fuel for the chemical industry, heating oil, etc.

It also sells a number of by-products such as sulphur for the manufacture of rubber, matches, etc.

Our neighbours

Gunvor Petroleum Antwerpen values its relationship with its neighbours, in particular with the surrounding villages. As this relationship is of the utmost importance to us, we continuously strive to prevent any impact (such as odour nuisance) on the environment. Further we act in a proactive way to limit any possible incidents.