Who we are

Gunvor Petroleum Antwerpen (GPA) was founded in 1934 in the south of the port of Antwerp under the name Redeventza. Over the years, the company has undergone a complete evolution, from a medium-sized oil refinery to the current configuration of a tank farm and production plant.

Our company is situated at a top location within the ARA region and has an excellent connection to infrastructure that enables the import and export of products by sea, road and potentially also by rail.

What we do

For transport by water, our company has 7 unloading berths on 2 jetties: 6 of them on the north side and 1 on the south side, with a draught of 11 and 15 metres respectively. These make it possible to handle both seagoing and inland vessels.

The total area of the GPA site amounts to 1 kmĀ², and is for the most part used for the flexible tank farm that makes the separation of various products possible. The tanks vary in capacity from 5,000 to 60,000 cbm and offer storage space for a variety of products ranging from gas oil, petrol, biodiesel, distillates and DMA to LPG.

One of the main points of attention is the further optimisation of our activities and energy consumption to meet the needs of our society and the ever-changing requirements of companies in the future.

Gunvor Petroleum Antwerp has already made great efforts in the field of safety and environment, proving that the company is ready for the future.

Due to the ever-changing climate objectives, it is important for GPA and Gunvor Belgium to maintain and intensify our focus on innovation towards biofuels.

Local distribution

Most of the products stored at GPA are exported via barges and ocean-going vessels to neighbouring countries and overseas. Some are distributed to wholesalers, traders and oil companies in the Belgian market by Gunvor Belgium. Their main activities are the sale of motor fuels, domestic heating oil and motor fuels for seagoing and inland vessels.

For road transport, Gunvor Belgium, in January 2018, commissioned a completely renovated high-performance truck loading facility. With GPA as its home base, Gunvor Belgium offers its products to the Belgian, Dutch and Northern French markets.

Our neighbours

Gunvor Petroleum Antwerp attaches great importance to the relationship with our neighbours, in particular the surrounding villages. As this relationship is of utmost importance, we constantly strive to avoid any possible impact on the environment. In addition, we act in a proactive way to limit possible incidents.